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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sometimes life gets in the way

     I missed my Monday and my Tuesday posts because I have been dealing with medical stuff- not in a bad way, but just in getting the things I need to keep me healthier.

     Sunday, November 12 Sam and I trucked up to Longmont in my Civic to see and purchase an Oxygen Concentrator from Craigslist. We met a new friend and got to see her Emu. That is one very eerie looking bird. Seeing it close up and in person is like looking through a window into a long ago world or a trip to Jurassic Park on a budget.

     Since the Concentrator had been stored for a while, I thought it prudent to have it looked over by a specialist, and I found contact info for Rocky Mountain Oxygen Repair. He cleaned it, replaced the flow control valve and rebuilt the compressor for me, and I picked it up Tuesday the 28th.

     Friday the 17th, I did a sleep study, and the results were

  1. I have severe sleep apnea and need a CPAP and
  2. I don't sleep well when someone is waking me up to adjust the CPAP mask.

     Wednesday the 22nd of November, my sister drove me to Lutheran hospital for Phlebotomy. In laymans terms, it means on my pulmonologist's instructions, they drew off two pints of my blood so I could make more. I think they left a third pint under the skin, too. My sister drove me because I wasn't sure I would be able to drive two pints low. I use my blood, when I am driving, as many do.
helluva bruise

     Saturday November 25th, my Father gave me a couple of devices he used to exercise his breathing after his punctured lung last year
Incentive Spirometer

Blowy thing

     Saturday, December 2, I was gifted with a CPAP machine, but I needed a full mask rather than a nasal one, because I sleep with my mouth gaping. After going to site after site looking for something that was not awful in price... I asked the gentleman who repaired and cleaned up my Oxygen concentrator if he knew anyone.... and he had CPAP masks, and would sell me one at a good price! So I picked up a CPAP mask, a humidifier bottle for my concentrator (so I wouldn't have dry air blowing up my nose) and now I am set. He even threw in tubing and a bleed-in thingy that will hook my concentrator to my CPAP, to enrich the air I am breathing in.

     Per Doctors instructions, I am to turn the CPAP up to 11

     Side note- Apollo has picked up the exact tone and duration of the beep the concentrator makes when it starts. Ickabob has started imitating the hisses it makes as it runs.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Toysday: Big Things in Small Packages

     Last Night, I found the first two Power of the Primes figures at my local Target. Today, my last IGear minibot goes back into his box for storage for now

     With G1 Autobots almost complete, I thought it would be a nice time to post minibots again. I'm super-happy with what Hasbro is doing these days. they have only a few to update and they will be complete and I am hoping this new series does the trick!

So to start with... I love this new Windcharger. Make no mistake, the RTS version from 2010 is still the better toy, overall, but if you have the opportunity to have both in your collection, get both. The POTP Windcharger is definitely more G1 in both Bot and Alt modes. Even to the side placement of his faction symbol.

so RTS Windcharger moves to my classics shelf from the minibot shelf.
Beachcomber and Windcharger

I Like the shade of blue in the Hasbro better. He's excellent!

Gears and Swerve

Pipes and Tailgate

Brawn and Bumblebee

Powerglide and Seaspray

Wheelie and Hubcap

Huffer and Warpath. I prefer the deluxe scale Warpath,
 but for the sake of completism...


Gears and Swerve

Seaspray and Powerglide

Pipes and huffer

Hubcap and Tailgate

Bumblebee and Brawn

Roadburn with his Awesome 'Stache and Warpath

Cosmos and Wheelie

Beachcomber and Windcharger

Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Media Musings: Archaeology

     Saw Coco, yesterday, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The Frozen short feature beforehand however was...sadly uninspired. The lackluster musical numbers really did not make proper use of Idina Menzel's fantastic voice. Or to put it the way Sam did..."I wasn't interested until everything caught on fire"

    Coco was visually stunning, an excellent story, well performed... nothing bad to say. Our theory is that Disney thought that a Frozen short before Coco might bring in more audience. It appears to be the other way around, in that people are grudgingly sitting through Olaf to see Coco. Sorry Olaf. Also... Why the HELL does Elsa need a fur collar on her dress? in the first movie, she literally made herself a dress out of ice. Animators, take note: The cold never bothered her anyway.

     So I was musing today upon Archaeology. The study of the past. In this case, the study of my past.

     Saturday, I bought the Lego Batman movie. Being me, I wanted to re-watch The Lego Movie before I peeled the shrink wrap off Batman. No problem, right?

    Problem. My DVD filing system is approximate, rather than precise. There are areas for Superhero/comic movies, for westerns, for Sci Fi... and beyond that the waters grow murkier. So there is an area where animation is supposed to go, but things don't always make it back there. Also, to draw an Indiana Jones metaphor, move the wrong thing and the entire temple comes down on you. Also, lots of poisoned darts.

     So I wind up doing media archaeology, trying to remember and determine what I watched or moved around recently, to figure out where in the DVD strata what I am seeking lies. is it lost in the Cretaceous with Jurassic park et al? or perhaps in the age of legends with Your Highness and Stardust and Kull? Has it gotten lost in the far future, with A.I. and Stargate SG-1?

     I finally found it in the back of the shelf, on top of westerns, where ( and I must emphasize this) I had already looked three times previously.

     The end sum? I either need to be a better organizer, or invest in more fedoras and price a bullwhip.

     Throw me the idol, I give you the whip.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Black Friday 2017

     I got my TV shows (Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Supernatural) is the most recent seasons thanks to Target and Best Buy online sales. I also got the Book of Life for a good price, Now you See Me 2, and walked into Best Buy and got Moana for a pretty good bargain.

     The thing about this year was the lack of panic. I went to Best Buy's site, I put stuff in my cart and saw it go out of stock. So I backup-planned the sucker. I bought most of my shows at Target, with the exception of Legends, which I placed a pickup order for at Best Buy the next morning.

     Maybe it's the new medication, maybe it's the autumn I have had, or maybe I just have learned things have a way of working out. Maybe I just learned the way my Black Fridays go from previous years. in any case, I avoided most of the madhouse stuff, made a brief trip out last night, and went home and did dishes with Tango. I got everything I wanted, looked at some other stuff and decided I didn't need it in my life at this time.

    I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving, and a safe black friday, whatever you did