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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

     Today is what we estimate is Tango's 6th Hatchday. We always celebrate that on Thanksgiving too.

     These last few weeks have kind of kicked my ass, but I have a lot to be thankful for. An affordable Oxygen concentrator when I needed it, Doctors with an interest in making me healthier, who understand and sympathize with my limited insurance.

     A roof overhead, good neighbors above, good friends around. A neighborhood full of magpies, blackbirds and doves to watch. and one scrub jay who just moved in.

     My reliable little Honda and a good, trustworthy mechanic who keeps him in good running order.

     My Roommate, the house Flock,

     My family, sharing their own thanksgivings with thoughts of me and I of them.

     My entertainments(t.v., movies, toys, books)

     The fish tank I love to watch with Tango

     And last but definitely not least, my best buddy and favorite co-conspirator, Tango

May everyone reading this have a happy Thanksgiving day and a healthy and happy holiday season

and here is one of my new favorite songs, sort of themed to this day

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Toysday: Attack of the Clones

     Back in 1987, Hasbro released two sets of Clones: the story is that they were two pairs of brothers, with the same robot modes and different alt-modes. One pair sympathized with the autobots, the other leaned towards the decepticons. Friends from a young age, they turned foe.

     This year in the titans Return line, They paid Homage to these figures. Hasbro did so in a less than convenient way however. While Takara's plan is to release each pair of clones as a two-pack, Hasbro put Fastclash(Fastlane) in the Chaos on Velocitron gift set. They put pounce in the Siege on Cybertron giftset. Then they released Cloudraker and Wingspan as a Walgreens exclusive two pack.

    I think you know, my collection is primarily autobot focused. I found the Walgreens exclusive two-pack, and I wasn't so concerned with Pounce as I was Fastclash. One trip to ebay later, I found someone who had broken up his giftset and had the piece I wanted for sale at a reasonable price.

    So without further Ado or telling of tales, here they are.

Now for a bit of serious business- A friend of mine is in trouble and possibly looking at losing her farm, or having her rescues starve- times are tough, but if you can help a little, help. if you can spread the word further, spread the word. Thanks folks!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Media Musings: Teaming Up

     Sam and I caught Justice League yesterday.

     I found it a good Flick. The breakout fun character was Ezra Miller's The Flash, who was quirky, optimistic, and enjoyable to watch. Second choice for Fun character to watch was Jason Momoa's Aquaman, who was a hard drinking loner, reluctantly drawn into the team. The cast was all great, and I'm sure it's not a spoiler to say Superman's return is among the worst kept secrets in movie history. The interesting misdirections around it all involved the manner of his return, and whether he would be bearded or clad in black.

     It made me think of other team-ups, of a less obvious nature than The Avengers, which has been discussed to death on these posts.

     The current CW Arrowverse is rife with teamups, from the infamous back-door pilot(Arrow Ssn2.8) that forever intertwined Barry Allen with Oliver Queen, to the Supergirl/Flash Crossover (World's Finest) in Supergirl Season 1 to the big 3 part/3 show Invasion! crossover of 2016. With more to come.

    The predecessor to the Arrowverse, Smallville, had an amazing number of hero team ups:

     There were two big teamup events, Justice (which united the Justice League) and Absolute Justice (Which introduced the Justice Society). Clark also teamed up with three members of the Legion of Superheroes.

     I have stuck with DC heroes so far but I would truly be remiss if I skipped this Gem of a cult classic.

     The story revolves around three street level superheroes/vigilantes who put together a team to save their city from the worst arch criminal it has ever known- Casanova Frankenstein!
     The heroes/powers are:

  • The Shoveler/He shovels well- he shovels very well
  • The Blue Raja/He throws forks with deadly accuracy
  • Mr. Furious/His power comes from his boundless rage
  • The Bowler/She has the skull of her murdered father in her bowling ball
  • The Spleen/Combat flatulence
  • The Invisible Boy/He is invisible when no one is watching
  • The Sphinx/Circular Aphorisms plus he is terribly mysterious
     This movie is basically the perfect origin story/underdog story. It's a fantastic piece, well worth watching if you haven't seen it. the cast is wonderful, the story imaginative, the atmosphere of Champion city weird and eclectic. 

Now for a bit of serious business- A friend of mine is in trouble and possibly looking at losing her farm, or having her rescues starve- times are tough, but if you can help a little, help. if you can spread the word further, spread the word. Thanks folks!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My Body

     I have been at war with my body for a long time. These last few years, it's been counterattacking. The latest act of Guerrilla warfare involved a referral to a pulmonologist, a blood test, and some fun to come. 

     At the appointment monday, my pulmonologist described my breathing tests as "really crappy" but I am not sure what that means in layman's terms. He wants them to draw a couple of pints of my blood so I can make new blood. Apparently my blood is too Ironic. That is to say, it contains too much iron. He also wants me on supplemental Oxygen when needed- more on that later. 

    In Addition to the blood draw next week and the blood test that led to it, I get to do a sleep study this weekend, and the findings will most likely be that I don't sleep well in strange places. 

     So I stopped at my primary physician to discuss changes in medicines and she wanted to do my A1C for my diabetes control. She prescribed me an anti-anxiety and here is the part where it starts getting surreal. As I am leaving the Doctors parking lot, I get a notification from CVS pharmacy that my prescription is ready. I asked them when they merged with Jimmy-Johns, because the fill was freaky fast. 

     And then on Friday. I get a notification from CVS that my presciption is ready-Metformin this time- so i call my doctor, and sure enough, my A1C is up. So I plan to pick up what will henceforth be know as My Surprise Metformin. 

     So Saturday, I take my car in for an oil change, and to look at the choppy acceleration. The choppiness is old plugs, but we found out my radiator is leaking, as is my valve cover gasket. so $30 becomes $338.

     Sunday, i find an oxygen concentrator for supplemental oxygen on craigslist, so we truck up to Longmont in my Honda, which is now performing smashingly, and pick up the device. it needs service before I can use it, but...

     what a week.