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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Toysday: Bad Couple of Weeks

     So I got sick a couple of weeks ago, Flu or cold that hung on with a bad cough. my first basically cough free day was this past Thursday. The other thing that happened was Starlord passed away last Tuesday.

     He came to us in poor health, with an amputated wing, and I always knew he was unlikely to be with us for long. That made it no easier to say goodbye though. He was cantankerous, reckless, and somewhat sullen, but he will be missed, by the entire household. 

     Mastermind Creations created a line of higher end figures called Ocular Max. these are their masterpiece scaled and styled figures- I went with them for Mirage

     And for Inferno
Fire axe did not come with him, but I think it looks cool

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Toysday: I Am The Law

    Still taking a break from Mastermind, because I am really hoping to see their Drift release soon, so I can post him. Lame, I know.

    In the meantime, here to G-Creation GDW-02 Rebel. This is their IDW Prowl, although for me...I think in my headcanon, he's a new character. not totally settled on that yet.

     I really appreciate designers taking on these IDW designs and doing such a nice job of it. This piece is complicated, without sacrificing the the important qualities of fun in the process. His transformation does not cross over into that "I'd rather golf" border and he looks great in both modes. He is equipped with two rocket launchers(shoulder mounted) two guns of different molds, and two batons. I can easily see him patrolling the roadways between cities on Cybertron. He scales well with and matches the aesthetic level of Masterpiece Transformers

My Roommate's Cockatoo, Sid, helped with this.
Ok, kind of Hindered. 


     In other news, I have discovered a new thing about Canada Geese. They will eat hash-browns. We had a nested pair waiting for us outside of Carl's Jr. Sunday morning. They, along with a cast of crows and a chorus of starlings were looking for food. The geese were waiting at the door for people with carry-out bags, and rather insistent on charging a toll to pass. They liked me... and followed me to my car

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Toysday: Brotherhood

     Taking a break from Mastermind and going to Masterpiece for the week because I just got this guy in

     Two different third party companies essayted sunstreaker from very different directions at around the same time. Omnigonix Spinout had some good design points but reviews said it was plagued with poor QC and poor execution. Badcube Sunsurge was the one I went with, and he is a great toy...

    But then Takara showed up to the party. They showed up, they brought their own DJ, and their own music selections, and they OWNED.

     At first I thought, "I'm fine with Sunsurge"

     Well, I ended up uniting the brothers.

Sunstreaker represents a new level in engineering for Takara, and they were pretty good before, He still uses the Faux chest gimmick like Badcube but makes the leg transformation stronger and more elegant, yet simpler too. He has a crazy level of posability, as you can see above.

     Takara also managed to give him a traditional Countach rear deck, in addition to the one with the blowers.
    Yes, even his Car-disguise has a disguise. He comes with Chip Chase, and three alternate faces.

An excellent review of all his features can be found here. This also happens to be the merchant I got him from.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Toysday: Mastermind - More Than Meets the Eye

     To continue with Masterminds foray into IDW characters and my deeper and deeper admiration of their work, everyone's favorite cycloptic psychopath...

     OK, everyone's OTHER favorite cycloptic psychopath. Whirl
Cyclonus' least favorite being...

fantastic articulation in his claws. 

rather than an earthmode helicopter, a Cybertronian VTOL

     Call him flamboyant, bombastic, rash, arrogant...he may be all of these things. Under it all he is an idealist. His quest for the Knights of Cybertron is a bid to bring the time when all are one. The captain of the Lost Light...Rodimus

I gave him a sword. What can I say? I like swords

The Bow Homages his Animated toy.