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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Toysday: Brotherhood

     Taking a break from Mastermind and going to Masterpiece for the week because I just got this guy in

     Two different third party companies essayted sunstreaker from very different directions at around the same time. Omnigonix Spinout had some good design points but reviews said it was plagued with poor QC and poor execution. Badcube Sunsurge was the one I went with, and he is a great toy...

    But then Takara showed up to the party. They showed up, they brought their own DJ, and their own music selections, and they OWNED.

     At first I thought, "I'm fine with Sunsurge"

     Well, I ended up uniting the brothers.

Sunstreaker represents a new level in engineering for Takara, and they were pretty good before, He still uses the Faux chest gimmick like Badcube but makes the leg transformation stronger and more elegant, yet simpler too. He has a crazy level of posability, as you can see above.

     Takara also managed to give him a traditional Countach rear deck, in addition to the one with the blowers.
    Yes, even his Car-disguise has a disguise. He comes with Chip Chase, and three alternate faces.

An excellent review of all his features can be found here. This also happens to be the merchant I got him from.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Toysday: Mastermind - More Than Meets the Eye

     To continue with Masterminds foray into IDW characters and my deeper and deeper admiration of their work, everyone's favorite cycloptic psychopath...

     OK, everyone's OTHER favorite cycloptic psychopath. Whirl
Cyclonus' least favorite being...

fantastic articulation in his claws. 

rather than an earthmode helicopter, a Cybertronian VTOL

     Call him flamboyant, bombastic, rash, arrogant...he may be all of these things. Under it all he is an idealist. His quest for the Knights of Cybertron is a bid to bring the time when all are one. The captain of the Lost Light...Rodimus

I gave him a sword. What can I say? I like swords

The Bow Homages his Animated toy. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Toysday: Mastermind Reformatted Madness

     Madness? Madness? THIS...IS...SPARTAN!!!!!
     Designed based on the the character of Impactor. I personally first encountered Impactor in Last Stand of the Wreckers. The story drew me in, and I wanted a figure of this tortured autobot. Hasbro's offerings were sadly...meh. So I was very pleased when Mastermind came up with an offering. His alt-mode, of an alien battletank is a great complement to his huge and powerful bot mode.

     Speaking of IDW....they made Cyclonus a deeply interesting character, not just Galvatron's Flunky. This is my Mastermind totally-not-a-decepticon Cyclonus

weapon storage in Alt-mode is meh. It's an interesting idea but sort of flops around. I love his bot mode, and face sculpt

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

ToysDay: Mastermind REFORMATTED!

     Mastermind moved from their Knight Morpher series over to their reformatted line. This is by far my favorite line of theirs, although I don't have every piece from it.

     In Oct 2014, MMC released R-08, Azalea. This was the first G1 styled Arcee on the market. The figure has it's quirks, with a tendency for the head and other parts to pop off during the extremely tight quarters of transformation. The transformation is fairly intuitive and has good weapon storage in both modes, as well as excellent weapons in general.  She is more of an IDW G1 than a cartoon G1, giving us a hint of what was to come...

     After some recolor/exclusive versions of this figure, they released R-09-Eupatorium- Their version of Elita One. They share the same mold, and the same quirks, with slightly altered transformation. In place of Arcee's swords, Elita has an energy bow. She's graced these posts before a couple of times.

     And then they got ambitious: Seraphicus Prominion- R-11-Their version of Nova Prime. I bought the Core robot first

Yup- He has the matrix
This means he has the touch, and possibly also the power

    Followed by the very cool trailer with armor expansion. He comes in between a large voyager and a leader class in this mode and he looks AMAZING.

I Admit to giving him a Dr Wu gun that matches his colors well. 

More Mastermind to come next week!