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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Toysday: Chaos Theory

     Today is about life finding a way, sort of. We are moving my office, and the birds, and my bedroom, and Sam, and ...and...and...

     The apartment is a main room, and two smaller rooms. We have part of the main room walled off with bookcases, which formed my office. Into that space is going Sam and her stuffs. into my old bedroom go the birds, so they can talk to each other without shouting across the apartment. Into Sam's old bedroom go my office and my bed. My collectibles shelves are lining the main room.

     It's a nice arrangement, except for the midpoint of the process, which is where we are.

     Behold, the CHAOS

I started off moving stuff carefully, ended up kind of piling it. Carefully. And then Sam moved things carefully. And came in to warn me that she broke something. No real harm, she just decapitated Fortress Maximus, and all I had to do was pop his head back on.

     Sam was also pretty amused by this configuration and more amused that I didn't see what she saw. Any guesses?

    Anyway...when I came into my new office Monday morning, figuring I had minimal setup for work, I found this: Sam brought me some friends to keep me company.

Back to more regular posts next week

Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Funnies: The Mysterious Origins of Bitcoin

     Bitcoin's origin is shrouded in Ancient Mystery, but it is believed to go back to China. Jin Chan, The golden toad of wealth is believed to be the originator; pictured as a three-legged Red-eyed toad biting a coin and perched on a pile of wealth, he is a symbol of good monetary fortune.

     In later times, people would bite coins to determine their authenticity.

 This is very helpful in determining whether an item is real gold, or chocolate covered in gold colored foil.

     However doing so too often can leave stains on the teeth

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Toysday: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Shelves Part 1

     There has been a Dinobot War among multiple 3rd party companies- Fansproject, Toyworld, Planet X, GCreation, Fanstoys, Gigapower...ranging mostly from voyager to masterpiece scale.

     Now, with Power of the Primes, Hasbro has released their own Dinobot combiner, one voyager, four deluxes and one legends scale.

     Slash is a new G1 styled Dinobot- in legends, scale, she is a cool little velociraptor- Not truly designed to combine with the others, she has nonetheless been made to work for some fan modes

     In Wave 1, we got Swoop and the renamed Slug(due to connotations of his original name) they are very good, the transformation G1-esque, and not suffering too much from Visible Combiner Syndrome. The one complaint that seems to be near universal is that Hasbro skimped on the weapons

     In Wave 2, we got Sludge and Snarl, with the same observations, pro and con- very G1, skimpy weapons.

     Grimlock is the Voyager Combiner-torso, and here is where the Visible Combiner syndrome rears it's ugliest head, with the way the combiner ports affect the arms. His look as the torso, however is great. For accessories, instead of a sword or a blaster...we got combiner feet that can plug in like gauntlets on his arms

     On great piece of detail and an Homage to G1 is the transparent plastic parts, painted gold on the inside. This gives a great effect, referencing the gold chrome under transparent of the originals.

     On another note...I am moving my office to another room, so things may be a tad chaotic for about a month or so. The ultimate benefit however, is worth it.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Toysday: Air Superiority

     The original Seekers and the Coneheads that followed. They made excellent use of this mold, with little variations in paint and molding to keep it interesting. I had forgotten how great they look together.

     Starscream- the air commander, eager to step up and take Megatron's place by guile or force

     Thundercracker- In love with the joy of flight, contemptuous of those on the ground

     Skywarp- Given the power of teleportation, but not granted the vision to make a true weapon of it

     Ramjet- His strategy is to run into it, whatever it is. his motto? "I'd hit that..."

     Thrust- Announcing himself by the rumble of his engines and the boasts of his skill

     Dirge- Mournful and silent, his engines are tuned to produce fear-instilling infrasound